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Welcome to Oak Class

My name is Mrs Okoturo and I am the Year 4, 5 and 6 teacher of Oak Class and I work with Mrs Wills and Mrs Ramsey this year to ensure that all our children reach their full potential.

Over the next half term your children will be working hard to achieve new learning targets. I hope they have an enjoyable time in the classroom and you enjoy seeing your child work with enthusiasm. I have high expectations for each child and like to work in partnership with parents.

Reference to how the Hex 6Rs are used

Children are always expected to act in accordance to ‘Mrs Okoturo’s 6 R’s’ in order for each child to feel valued, proud and happy within not only the classroom, but the school as a whole.

  • Respect yourself, others and the environment
  • Be ready at all times
  • Be resilient
  • Be responsible
  • Be reflective
  • Be resourceful

Reading arrangements

Children will be divided into ability groups, according to their reading levels. The teacher will choose a set of books for the group she or he is reading with, that is appropriate to their level. Generally, teachers need to think about two things when carrying out a guided reading session: decoding and comprehension.

Decoding means literally turning a written word into a spoken word, regardless of whether the meaning of that word has been understood. Teachers will teach children how to decode by encouraging them to split a word up and sound out all the separate sounds. They may also ask them to look at the picture to help them. Another strategy is to read the whole sentence to them, missing out the word they have struggled with, then asking them to work out what the word could be, based on what they have heard of the rest of the sentence.

Comprehension means understanding what has been read and being able to talk or write about it. They also need to think about inference. This is sometimes called: ‘reading between the lines’. It is when you make a judgement about a character or a situation, by looking at the language used.

Teachers also ask children questions based on prediction. This means encouraging a child to think about what might happen next. In this case, the children might again come up with lots of ideas about what is going to happen next. The idea of prediction is that children are not just guessing wildly, but they are thinking about what has already happened in order to inform their predictions. When carrying out a guided reading session, teachers encourage children to retrieve information from the text, which means literally looking for a bit of information and then reading it out.

PE Day

Children are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities.  All pupils take part in sports twice a week. Children are expected to have their full PE kit on Tuesday and Thursday.

Children’s dress should be as follows:

  • Plain white or blue Hexton t-shirt
  • Black or navy shorts
  • Plain black or blue jogging bottoms/tracksuit trousers
  • Plain sweater or zip up jacket
  • Trainers


It is Hexton JMI Primary School policy that children remove all jewellery and watches before participating in any physical activity. If ears have been recently pierced and jewellery cannot be removed then children must use tape if possible before they come in that morning. Children who wear jewellery for genuine religious or cultural reasons should ensure that they are appropriately and safely covered. A consenting letter for parents/ carer must be obtained.

Home learning project to be introduced for Spring 2

Home Learning differs from the weekly home work, in that it is project style work to do at home with your parents/carers/grandparents.  It’s not ‘cheating’ to have help from someone at home!  In fact, we really encourage working together.  The project will complement any topic work being carried out in school and is designed to involve the wider family and increase your knowledge, skills and experience of a particular topic.

Please read with your child for 15 minutes daily and record this at least 3 times a week in their reading record. Children will be given spellings and key words to learn each week. Homework will be given on Fridays.

There is usually a choice of activities from which the children can choose, so it can really suit their skills and interests.