Our Curriculum Mission

Our curriculum at Hexton JMI has four key aims:

  • To offer a broad and balanced coverage of all subject areas within the National Curriculum 2014;
  • To engage, excite and inspire pupils through thematic teaching;
  • To accelerate pupils’ progress and attainment in English and Maths;
  • To promote our Hex 6R values which are transferable and can apply to all aspects of life: respectful, resilient, responsible, ready, reflective and resourceful

We strongly value the principal of thematic teaching, utilising meaningful and purposeful links through carefully crafted topics. This ensures that pupils acquire and develop a range of skills which are underpinned by knowledge and practical experiences.

Our teaching staff work collaboratively to ensure that skills are progressively taught throughout the school, ensuring that expectations of pupils is high and appropriately challenging. The Yearly Overviews for each class outline the themes to be taught and subject specific content.

Each theme is designed to be started with a ‘Key’ event – this is an engaging activity to launch pupils’ thinking and capture their imaginations. As part of this, pupils identify what they already know and what they would like to know.

At the end of the topic, a ‘Lock’ event is planned. This is a celebration of all the work completed and will ensure that pupils are aware of how they can apply what they have learnt in different real-life contexts.

Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on providing pupils with opportunities to engage in learning within the community and through carefully planned enrichment activities. This is to add value to learning and maximise participation in community activities. This prepares them for the challenge of being an active citizen. Frequent visits and trips are organised regularly throughout the year to complement classroom teaching.

As we have mixed age classes, we operate a rolling curriculum programme. As part of the planning for this, the teachers differentiate the work to meet the particular ability needs of all children in the class regardless of age. We have high expectations of all pupils and nurture pupils to develop high expectations for their own learning.

Please see Yearly Overview for each class: