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Headteacher’s Welcome

Great oaks from little acorns grow; from oceans and seas, rivers and small streams flow. Every journey begins with a first step. At Hexton School, we know the importance of ensuring pupils have a solid foundation when they begin their journey as life-long learners. As a staff team, we are committed and uncompromising in ensuring that all pupils at Hexton achieve, believe and succeed; that they are equipped with the skills which will prepare them to be citizens of today and tomorrow.

Our delightful rural setting is unique: as a small community, we have a great amount to offer. From the beautiful local environment, to a charming, historic school building, Hexton School is based on tradition and values from the past, blended with innovation and vision for the future.

Ensuring a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum is paramount to developing children’s interest, skills and knowledge in a way that nurtures different aspects of personality, intelligence and confidence. We greatly value the core skills of strong fluency with number, reading and the ability to write, but  know the value and importance in providing an exciting, well rounded education.

We want our pupils to look back at their primary education with pride, fondness and recognition that these were some of the first steps in their exciting journey through life. We want our parents to feel that they have worked in collaboration with our staff team to ensure their child has been given the best start in life. We want our local community to all feel a membership towards our school; a hub of Hexton village.

We welcome all visitors to our school (with the exception of head lice!) and would be very pleased for you to see our small school with big ambitions.

With kind regards from the Staff and Governors of Hexton School.