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Parents’ Information

Children’s Progress and Reports

As a small school, we pride ourselves in being able to maintain good communication with parents. The class teacher and Headteacher will be pleased to discuss your child’s progress with you if you have a particular concern. It is always better to make an appointment for this so that your discussion can be timed to be as interruption free as possible.

Two Parent Teacher consultations are arranged during the year where teachers and parents have the opportunity to discuss progress and share information about the child. Each child receives a written report which is sent to parents towards the end of the summer term.

Authorised and Unauthorised absence

Parents are very supportive in notifying the school of lateness or absence from school. Please note that term time holiday is unable to be authorised.

Extra-curricular activities

Children have access to a range of clubs at lunchtimes and after school. Recent club activities have included sports, science and piano tuition.

Educational visits

A wide range of visits are organised by the teaching staff to enhance the school curriculum. Please note that written parental permission is needed before any child can participate in such a visit. For visits further than the local area (i.e. beyond Hitchin or Letchworth) coach transport (fitted with seat belts) will be used.

For local visits we may rely on the generosity of parents to transport children in their cars, providing they can supply full body seatbelts and booster seats.

Voluntary contributions are requested to assist with funding. No child is excluded on the grounds of cost. It may not be possible for some activities to go ahead if insufficient parental contributions are received.

Residential Journeys

Children in Key Stage 2 have the opportunity to participate in residential school journeys for which we require a substantial voluntary donation from parents. However, as we do not wish any child to miss the opportunity due to adverse family financial reasons, assistance can be sought in complete confidence through the head teacher.