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There is a strong dress code at Hexton School.

  • All children should have a Hexton sweatshirt or sweat cardigan*
  • Boys should wear grey or black trousers or, in the summer, shorts.
  • Girls should wear a grey or navy skirt or pinafore of a suitable length for school. In summer girls may wear suitable dresses in the school colour, blue.
  • In cold weather girls may wear smart tailored grey or black trousers. We would prefer that they wear skirts or dresses where appropriate.
  • Shirts, t-shirts, blouses and polo shirts should be white or blue.
  • Children need a change of shoes. Plimsolls will be worn inside school by Class 1 children. Sensible shoes (preferably black) should be worn inside school in Classes 2 and 3.

All clothing should be clearly named.

PE Kit

For PE children require:

  • Plimsolls for children in Class 1
  • Trainers for children in Classes 2 and 3
  • Blue shorts and a Hexton* or plain white t-shirt for PE and games
  • A blue or black track-suit for outdoor games in cold conditions.
  • Football boots for Class 3.

All kit, including footwear, should be clearly named. Each child should have a drawstring bag in which the PE kit can be kept.

Book bags and sun hats bearing the school logo are also available from the office.

You can now order and pay for school uniform online from School Trends. Visit the website at and select ‘Find My School’ and follow the order instructions. Or click on the link below.

Jewellery and Personal Property

Named watches are permitted in school. Other items of jewellery are unnecessary and can be dangerous in some school activities. Children with pierced ears should wear studs only.

Responsibility cannot be taken for games, toys, mobile phones or other personal property brought to school, which has not been specifically requested as part of a class project. Any items brought to school in connection with class work should be clearly named