At Hexton JMI, we believe that our children’s education should be broad and balanced. To help our children to make happy memories and to help them develop a range of vocabulary and prosocial feelings, we offer a range of enrichment opportunities to all children. These sessions complement our curriculum offer and the adults leading these sessions make links to current learning where this is appropriate. Drama and SFCF are offered to each class for half of the academic year. Outdoor learning sessions occur weekly for all children.

Stevenage FC Foundation

All of our children benefit from sessions from Daryl from SFCF every week. Details about the programmes run by the foundation can be found here: https://stevenagefcfoundation.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/SFCF-Schools-Brochure-Digital-Version-2022-23.pdf

Nature Explorers

At Hexton School we are incredibly grateful for our beautiful grounds which make the school so unique.  The children enjoy spending time outside learning, exploring and playing together whatever the weather and we want to make the most of that opportunity too.

In our Nature Explorers sessions, children have the opportunity to learn about the environment and explore nature in a fun and active setting that promotes well-being and positivity.

The benefits for children include: 

Mrs Foot, who is our school lead for outdoor learning, works closely with teachers to link the nature explorer sessions to the curriculum and the interests of the children.  Having trained with Muddy Feet, Mrs Foot embraces the philosophy of the organisation by enabling children to learn and explore through play outdoors. 

For more information about Muddy Feet please click on the link: