Starting School

Starting School: Frequently Asked Questions

The transition process for children and families is central to a confident and successful start at school.  Most children are excited to start school and look forward to meeting their teacher and new friends.  The reception class team spend the first few important weeks getting to know each child and establishing important routines that will set them up for a successful school journey with us.

The school transition process includes:

  • School visits in the summer term
  • A visit to your child’s preschool
  • Optional home visits
  • Short introductory sessions for your child

Children from reception to year two are entitled to universal free school meals.  Most children have a school dinner and some parents choose to send a packed lunch.  For the first week of starting school children are supported by their class teacher with the routines at lunchtime.  Part of the induction process includes children staying for lunch.  Children eat in the hall as a class and have a playtime outside after they have eaten. We have play leaders who set up games daily and there are activities such as play dough, chalks and bubbles in our quiet area. Children also have daily access to our climbing equipment.

As a trauma-informed school, we do not give out ’empty plate award’ stickers and encourage intuitive eating instead. Our staff will ask children if they have had enough to eat, rather than ‘forcing’ them to eat when they do not want to. If we notice that your child is not eating, our lunchtime staff will inform teachers, who will let you know at the end of the day.

Please see below for our school menus (at the bottom of the page there is a tool to search for our school).

Communication is an essential part of school life.  We use various forms of communication and may be asked to sign up to some online sites or downloads some school Apps.  Individual appointments can be made with your class teacher’s if you have any queries.  The following list include the main methods of communication:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 01462 712730
  • Parentmail
  • A weekly newsletter from the Headteacher
  • Curriculum newsletters
  • A parent consultation in autumn and spring
  • An annual report in the summer
  • Parent events such as welcome evening

The school will seek to find out about the individual needs of children and make suitable adjustments to meet their needs.  The school SENco will liaise with the class teacher and any outside agencies to provide children with the support they need.

The school currently has a breakfast club run by Premier Sport. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons, we also have after school clubs. See here for more details:

Please apply online via Hertfordshire County Council: