Music at Hexton

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, & life to everything.

We intend for music to be a fun, engaging learning experience. We encourage participation in musical experiences to help build the confidence of all of our children. Teaching focuses on developing children’s ability to understand musical terminology and features. Children understand rhythm, follow a beat and explore the structure and organisation of musical pieces. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to meet their musical potential and we aim to nurture talent and encourage musical development across the school.

In EYFS and key stage 1, learning focuses on the exploration of sounds and gaining understanding of pitch and beat. As they progress to lower key stage 2, children apply these early skills by composing and structuring their own pieces of music, individually or in pairs or groups. By the end of upper key stage 2, children are able to compose and perform pieces confidently and with more independence.

At Hexton JMI, children’s music lessons cover the technical, expressive and constructive aspects of the world of music, through the following six pillars:

* Instrumentation

* Notation

* Cultural Understanding

* Musical Vocabulary

* Musical Elements

* Singing


Through learning about artists, genres, instrumentation and cultures, children can use pieces that inspire them as a basis for composition and begin to express themselves by responding to and creating music.  Children learn that music is not just about singing, and gradually build their skills musically, exploring timbre, texture, pitch and dynamics. Through our half-termly topics, children will use the following musical tools:

* voice                                                                  * a range of percussion instruments

* body percussion                                           * musical pieces from a range of cultures and traditions

* musical notation                                           * graphic scores

* video clips                                                        * recording equipment

* music editing software

Some examples of our work in Music:

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