Art & Design at Hexton

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Through sculpture, painting, drawing, pottery, photography, video and use of other media, artists explore a visual and creative representation of the world (and alternative worlds) around them. Artists observe, ponder and are curious about colour, texture, shape, contrast and emotion.

At Hexton JMI, children’s art lessons cover a range of aspects of the world of art and design, including:

* Techniques

* Tools

* People

* Architecture

* Cultural Understanding

* Technical Art Vocabulary


Through learning about other artists, techniques and cultures, children can use their own ideas as a basis for composition and begin to express themselves creatively, inspired by what they have learnt in each topic.  Children learn that art is not just about drawing and painting, and gradually build their skills across a range of media. Through our half-termly topics, children will use the following media:

* pencils                                                                      * ink

* charcoal                                                                   * printing

* paint                                                                         * papier maché

* pastels                                                                     * textiles

* sculpture                                                                 * graffiti

* clay                                                                           * stencils

* photo editing                                                          * stitching

* collage


Some examples of our work in Art and Design:

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