Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages at Hexton

Language is quite literally the stuff of life. The more you can speak of other people's languages, the more you can be part of their lives and enrich your own.

At Hexton we believe that it is of great importance for all people to master at least one other modern foreign language (MFL). The study of languages enables children to develop the skills and confidence to consider themselves global citizens who thrive in a diverse, mutually respectful world. Our view is that learning a language should be fun and relevant to our pupils, enabling them to say what is important to them. We aim to support pupils to understand other countries and cultures so that they can be more accepting and open to new experiences. Ultimately, we wish for our pupils to have a love of languages and to become curious and respectful of the world around them. Whilst we teach French in key stage two, we also encourage children to share their home languages and to learn short pieces of other languages, for example to greet their teacher during registration. Younger children learn British Sign Language with the help of Signing Sam, our puppet.

At Hexton, children learn French using the following ‘language detective skills’:

* Speaking and pronunciation

* Listening

* Reading and writing

* Grammar

* Intercultural understanding

Some examples of our work in French

Curriculum documents for French

Websites to support French learning (KS2) – apps and games to practise children’s French. (KS2) – a series of videos to help children to learn to hear and understand French. (KS2) – a series of games on a range of topics for children to learn and practise French vocabulary. (KS2) – games, skills, phonics, stories, songs and videos on lots of topics. (KS2) – various labelling activities in French. (KS2) – a series of PDFs and PowerPoints teaching French on a range of topics.